What should my dancer wear to stage rehearsal? 

Does my dancer need makeup for stage rehearsal?

No makeup is necessary for the rehearsal. This day is to get formations set and lighting figured out so recital runs smoothly!

What time does my dancer need to arrive to Warren Woods Middle School for recital?

5:45 PM! We will need up until that time to finish setting up so please refrain from entering the building until then. 

Does my dancer need makeup for recital?

Yes, please see recital tab for outlined makeup instructions.

What type of earrings does my dancer need for the shows?

The required stage earrings are available for purchase at the front desk for $10. These are a mandatory purchase for any dancer whose garment bag tag stated earrings will be a part of their costume.

Can my dancer bring a snack to the shows?

Yes, but please make sure that it is mess free and allergy-friendly to avoid any allergic reactions for the people around us.

Can I bring a snack into the audience?

No, it is Warren Woods Middle School policy that no food or drink is brought into the auditorium. Thank you for understanding.

Where can I buy tights and shoes I need for the shows?

We like to recommend Fancy Dancers at 23517 9 Mack Drive, St. Clair Shores. You can call them with any questions at (586) 775-4167. The employees at Fancy Dancers know exact styles of tights and shoes that RJDA uses. Just tell them we sent you and they will help you out!

How long is the show?

Around and hour and 45 minutes including our intermission and 50/50 draw!