Ballet is a disciplined style of dance that focuses on technique and placement of the body.

The focus is on simple ballet movements, such as basic positions, barre and center technique, taking directions, and developing coordination. The goal is to provide a positive and fun experience to stimulate a love of dance. Ballet is the foundation for all styles of dance, with an emphasis on proper technique, poise and balance. Ballet fosters not only an awareness of line, but also tones and strengthens the body. Ballet is fundamental to all dance forms and is strongly recommended. 



Ballet Pink

Ultra Soft Transition

Youth and Ladies

Capezio 2037W




Capezio 2021

(Canvas Romeo)


Girls should wear a black leotard with pink tights and pink ballet shoes is the required uniform for ALL ballet classes. A ballet skirt of any color is an optional accessory.

Hair must be in a bun for all ballet classes.

Boys should wear a black or white athletic t-shirt with fitted athletic pants or shorts. Boys can wear any black ballet shoe (Check with teacher before purchasing)