Lyrical is a flowy, technical style that stems from ballet.

A combination of ballet, jazz and modern with an emphasis on dramatic interpretation of the music. It utilizes the fluidity of ballet with control of modern and the freedom of jazz movement. 

*Students must be taking a ballet class in conjunction with this class.*




Ultra Soft Stirrup

Youth and Ladies

Capezio H061

(Canvas Pirouette II)


Capezio EJ2

(E-Series Slip on)


Any color leotard with caramel tights and pirouette shoes are required for any lyrical class. Jazz shorts, ballet skirt, or leggings are an optional accessory.

A slicked back pony tail (or bun) is required for all Lyrical classes

Boys should wear a black or white athletic t-shirt with fitted athletic pants or shorts. Boys can wear any black jazz shoe (Check with teacher before purchasing)